Keep the Kin Warm

It can be fun to argue with people. I mean, that’s why some people join debate clubs in high school right? When they age out of that though, they turn to online forums, Twitter/X, and wherever else a comment section exists. It can be tempting to fall into that but it’s just way more satisfying to turn your attention towards the people you like.

[keep the kin warm] -> we’re surrounded by people who love us, and if we’re not, we can “move” to find people who do. Sometimes, the thing that will pick you up and nourish your being is time with your family and friends.

Supporting people you like. Boosting the things they made, giving specific, tailored compliments. Being present.
Another funny thing about all this is that close connections with your friends makes it possible to have fun arguments. Busting each other’s chops can be an affirming mode of connection. Playful teasing!! Like 1v1 basketball, tennis match, sparring in a boxing ring…