Eashan Kotha

  • How to Learn Faster

    There are several evidence based learning techniques that can help you learn faster. One place anyone can save time is with low-quality techniques like re-reading and highlighting.

  • How to Read a Research Paper

    Do not read every paper in it’s entirety. This is going to waste a lot of time. Quick workflow Title > Abstract > Conclusion > Results > Discussion > Figures and Tables > Materials > Methods

  • How to Make It Engaging

    Preface Whether you’re a student or a lifelong learner, the following tips in this page will explain how to make something engaging for either yourself or others. One of the best ways to know that we know something is through teaching it to someone else.

  • Some Notes on Event Cinema

    This page outlines the ‘Event Cinema’ Theory.

  • Julia Morgan

    A collection of information about Julia Morgan

  • What About The Exception?

    Whenever you give advice online or say anything there’s usually a response that this doesn’t apply all the time. It’s not meant to apply every time, just like a heuristic isn’t meant to be applied indiscriminately in every situation.

  • Sarah Burton's Alexander McQueen

    I’m collecting some of my favorite looks from Sarah Burton’s run at Alexander McQueen as creative director. 2011 RTW Alexander McQueen 2011 RTW Alexander McQueen (I still haven’t figured out how to make the gallery look the specific way I want within the default Hugo template I’m using.

  • The Suit

    This is an all-encompassing note on suits. “suit” is derived from the French term suivre, which means “to follow.” (jacket follows the pants or pants follow the jacket) Beau Brummell – can’t talk about suits without Brummel.

  • Waystone Friends

    The special kind of friendships that you feel secure in, even if you don’t see each other every day.